BEauty part 2 khbdwugfoi4nfkhb
Updated: 12/18/2019
BEauty part 2 khbdwugfoi4nfkhb
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do good paola

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  • How mass and velocity affect Kinetic Energy
  • Because kinetic energy is proportional to the velocity squared, increases in velocity will have an exponentially greater effect on transnational kinetic energy. Doubling the mass of an object will only double its kinetic energy, but doubling the velocity of the object will quadruple its velocity
  • Hello, I am Cameron Paola's friend
  • How mass and height affect Potential Energy
  • Hi, My name is Rachel a friend of Paola's
  • The higher up an object is the greater its gravitational potential energy. The larger the distance something falls through the greater the amount of GPE the object loses as it falls. ... This is because a tree has more mass, so it needs to be given more gravitational potential energy to reach the same height.
  • More about Kinetic and Potential Energy
  • When the ball is up there it stops for a sec and it becomes Potential energy.
  • And when the ball is going down at a fast speed it is turning into Kinetic Energy.
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