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Jonny tremain burning his hand.
Updated: 10/1/2020
Jonny tremain burning his hand.
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Storyboard Description

In the book Jonny Tremain by Esther Forbes, a terrible thing happens to Jonny remain. in scene one he goes to paul revere's office to see if his mold of the sugar basin is good enough for john Hancock. In scene 2 paul revere offers to buy Jonny's apprentice time for more than what Mr. Lapham was paying but Jonny denies his offer. in scene 3 Jonny tells dove to go and get some charcoal. In scene 4 dove comes back with the charcoal but in jonny's opinion it is of inferior quality and gets mad at her. In scene 5 dove gives him a broken crucible but that then leads to jonny getting his hand and thumb fused together in scene 6.

Storyboard Text

  • It looks good you just need to fix the curve of the handle.
  • Here is my plan for the sugar basin that I am creating for mr. Hancock
  • If he is going to yell at me i guess i will just give him a cracked crucible.
  • I could buy the rest of your apprentice time for more than mr lapham
  • I sorry but I am loyal to mr. lapham
  • Dove, Go grab some charcoal so i can finish my sugar basin
  • Here is your coal jonny.
  • This charcoal is terrible how could you
  • Here is the crucible you asked for.
  • Ahhh! The crucible broke and my hand got burned by the liquid metal.
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