planning the escape
Updated: 12/7/2020
planning the escape

Storyboard Description

In this section, Jeannette has completely had it with the dynamic of her family and the people around her. she gets a job because her family doesn't have any money. her boss is a total creep and rubs her back and on top of that doesn't trust her so he checks the jewelry every time he comes back from the diner across the street. one day she decided to steal the watch because it was actually something she likes then she felt guilty because she didn't want to prove Mr.Becker right. she goes home later and gets into a fight with her mom because her mom wants to start living her life for her self, then jean makes the point that she still has to be a mother for her kids and work to provide. her mother didn't take well to that and tells jeans dad. Her dad goes onto beating her with a belt after she says he isn't a good father either. she ran out of the house into the woods and plans her escape out of her family and town just as her sister is doing.

Storyboard Text

  • help wanted
  • I need a job
  • you are hired!!!
  • ew!!!!
  • she found a jewelry store called "Beckers jewel box" that had a jobs wanted sign and she needed the money
  • she got hired for 40 dollars a week!!!!
  • "you should act like one"walls 219
  • don't you dare talk to your mother like that
  • he flirts with her and rubs her back, he doesn't trust her to not steal.
  • I either need to do what Lori is doing and make enough money to get out of this town or run away
  • so she steals a watch she returns it later
  • her mom decided to quit her job and now she mad and gets into a fight with her mom and dad.
  • "You can't talk to me like that, I'm your mother" walls 219
  • after being basically beaten by her dad she runs into the woods and figures out a plan on how to get out of her town and away from her family
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