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Updated: 3/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Science and teachnology 
  • I am writing a book on the different animal bodies
  • Geography and Navigation
  • Earth is round and very small
  • Mathematics
  • Muslims also spread the Indian concept of zero.
  • A number of Muslim scholars became interested in zoology, the scientific study of animals. Some wrote books describing the structure of animals' bodies, while others explained how to make medicines from animal parts.
  • Medicine
  • I do not feel to good
  • Another subject of study for Muslim scholars was geography.Muslim scientists improved on calculations made by the ancient Greeks to reach a measure of Earth's circumference that was close to the correct value.
  • City Building and Architecture
  • WOW look at how nice all of these buildings look.
  • Muslims greatly advanced the study of mathematics.hey based their work in part on ideas from ancient Babylon, India, and Greece. For example, scholars in Baghdad's House of Wisdom translated the works of the Greek mathematician Euclid
  • Bookmaking and literature
  • Muslims made some of their most important innovations in the field of medicine.Muslim doctors established hospitals that were open to all people.Doctors treated ailments with drugs, diet, and exercise
  • Many large cities developed in Muslim lands, and this growth encouraged new kinds of architecture.Baghdad was one of the most glorious Muslim cities.Muslims created distinctive forms of architecture
  • In the 8th century, Muslims learned the art of making paper from the Chinese and soon were creating bound books of their own.Craftspeople used their talents to produce beautiful books.Books became a big business in the Muslim world.
  • I can not wait to read all of these books maybe I will make my own one day