Bill Of Rights Storyboard
Updated: 11/7/2018
Bill Of Rights Storyboard
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  • 1st Amendment Freedom of religon
  • Do we have to be a certain religion? 
  • No, we don't have to be a certain religion it does not matter!
  • 1st amendment Freedom of Speech
  • There shall be no consequences!
  • He always has the right to say what he wants he has the right just like everybody else. Everyone has their opinions and differences.
  • 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms
  • Totally agree!
  • I have a gun to protect myself from my surroundings. 
  • It does or shouldnt matter what religion you're no matter what. 
  • 4th Amendment Freedom from unreasonable search & seizure 
  • Do you have a warrant?
  • We need to take a search through your house....
  • Everyone should have the right to speak and say what they think. You may disagree or agree but, they still have the right to say what they think.
  • 10th Amendment States Rights 
  • We have lots of powers!!
  • It's our right were the people.
  • If you have a gun you should have a gun licence so you don't get in trouble bus yes I believe you should have a gun to protect yourself from your surroundings.
  • 1st Amendment Freedom of petition 
  • I had to Get everyones signature
  • Police officers DO NOT have the right to search through your house if they don have a warrant but if they do and believe what they think you have in your house they can. 
  • Because If you don't have a warrant you may not search through my house no if ands or buts. 
  • What's the problem?
  • I totally agree our congress is powerful!
  • States rights have power but sometimes it's different they may be powerful and strong but, some don't belong or belong to Texas or (etc).
  • It depends if you're listed or not!
  • Freedom of petition 
  • Don't forget about all the signatures you have to get!
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