Phage virus
Updated: 11/2/2020
Phage virus

Storyboard Text

  • The plan
  • I'm gonna use my bomb virus on her. She'll be so confused.
  • The Email
  • Yes. go ahead. click on it.
  • What's this Email? It might be important so let me check it.
  • The virus
  • Muahahahahahah
  • OH NO! that stupid email had a virus!
  • The virus (The green dude) is planning to use the bomb virus to mess the old lady up.
  • The spread
  • The lady gets a random email containing a virus but she doesn't know that so she opens it.
  • The conference
  • The virus takes over her screen and she cant click on anything.
  • The conference (cont.)
  • Everyone else in the office also gets the same email so they open it and the virus spreads across the office computers.
  • The supervisor called a meeting because everyone was frustrated. The supervisor decided to teach everyone how to avoid viruses.
  • The supervisor talked about how you shouldn't click on anything suspicious or from someone you don't know. She also talked about having a strong password so people don't hack into your computer.