Idea 2

Updated: 9/14/2020
Idea 2

Storyboard Description

teehee <3

Storyboard Text

  • Oh my gosh let's do it!!
  • Guys let's do a research task on this abandoned park I found! Meet at my house after school
  • Ok let's do it!
  • Sound's good!
  • Let's start doing some research
  • The girls squealed for help hoping to be heard as they ran away from the petrifying ghost.
  • It all started on a friday morning When Aubrey,Hanna and Ruby had history class together. The girls decided to do a research task on an abandoned facility.
  • The three of the girls decided to do some intensive researching to see what this place was about and decided that they should go to the place to see what the "trauma" was about.
  • After the girls finished doing their research the girls decided to go visit the abandoned facility to see what the myth was about.
  • The three girls arrive at the abandoned facility and decide to explore the place.
  • As the girls get further within the place the girls start to feel shivers going up their spine as they start to