All summer in one day
Updated: 8/11/2020
All summer in one day

Storyboard Text

  • Character trait #1
  • Character trait #2
  • Character trait #3
  • Margot was one lonely child that would always be separated from the rest of the group and she would always get hated on because she has seen the sun before and the others had to wait 7 says it on the paragraph 6,and 3.
  • Conflict #1
  • The students were careless and caring at the same time because at first they didn't care about Margot but then they ended up taking her out of the closet and feeling bad for her as well as saying sorry.On paragraph 6, 20,and the last sentence of the story.
  • Conflict #2
  • Margot other characteristics were that she was determined, and quiet.The teacher was careless at times but caring as well other times. Paragraphs 6, and 3, and 27-30.
  • Conflict #3
  • Margot conflict was Person V.S. Society because she had people going against her which were her classmates be cause she had seen the sun before.Paragraphs 6, and 7-12.
  • Margot conflict was Person V.S. Self because she would think about getting close with the other students and would always keep her distance and was always getting hate on so she would feel sad and uncomfortable.Paragraph 6, and 16-21.
  • All the kids/students had a conflict of person V.S. Nature because it would rain every day for 7 years straight and it would ruin there childhood of going to play outside and have fun.Paragraph 3, and 6-15.