Big Hero 6 Hero's Journey
Updated: 6/8/2021
Big Hero 6 Hero's Journey

Storyboard Text

  • I want to go here no matter what! It was so awesome!
  • Hey Hiro, the school said they understand and are willing to let you in anytime you want to register. Do you still want to go?
  • Yeah...I'm still thinking about it.
  • Hiro Hamada graduated high school at 13 and doesn’t want to go to college because he was already smart enough. He participated in bot fights to pass his time instead of thinking about enrolling in school.
  • Are you satisfied with your care?
  • Go away Baymax! I'm okay, just deactivate!
  • His brother, Tadashi, showed him around his lab and school, which Hiro was amazed by. A science showcase was an opportunity for him to show off his skills and knowledge in order for a chance at Callaghan’s (his brother’s instructor) program at the school. His microbots amazed both Callaghan and Alistair Krei, but he went with his original plan to go to study under Callaghan.
  • After Tadashi’s (and Callaghan’s) death, Hiro didn’t want to register at the university anymore despite the offers and understanding. His brother was his best friend and supporter and now that he’s gone, Hiro didn’t want to continue to expand his knowledge.
  • Baymax activated when Hiro minorly injured his foot. Hiro tried telling him to go back but he wouldn’t go back until Hiro said he was satisfied with his care. Then Baymax found a microbot under Hiro's bed and said it wanted to go somewhere.
  • Baymax followed the microbot into a warehouse where he and Hiro found a whole production of microbots being made. Hiro came to a realization that someone had stolen them and began to mass produce them, as well as started the fire that killed his brother to hide his tracks.
  • Hiro worked to upgrade Baymax so he could be more helpful later on. From programming martial arts moves to creating armor, Hiro made it all to stop the person behind the microbots. He tracked down the person in the mask, but they figured out where he was and were attacked.