Updated: 4/1/2020
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  • this is a sill
  • Oh! Sill, like window-sill! I get it now
  • this is a dike
  • I have to show you one last thing. These dikes and sills are not from this eruption, but from prior ones, since they are solidified. What are dikes and sills you may ask? The molten, pressurized magma intrudes into the solid volcanic rock to create dikes and sills. Dikes cut across volcanic rock layers, and sills run parallel to the layers. Eventually the magma hardens inside Earth and becomes an intrusive igneous rock.
  • Now, a recap quiz. If you correctly label this volcano, then you get to go home!
  • Pyroclastic flows
  • main vent
  • magma chamber
  • lava flow
  • magma conduit
  • layers of ash, rock and lava
  • Astounding job! Make sure to remember that dikes and sills are hardened lava and rock that wedge themselves between other rock and earth.
  • I learned that when gasses get trapped in thick volcanic flows (which means they have high levels of silica) they can explode due to pressure
  • I learned that the tectonic plates moved and caused that dormant volcano to be active! Extinct volcanoes don't erupt anymore.
  • I learned that when magma goes up the pipe and reaches the surface, it becomes lava!
  • The End!
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