Oedipus themes
Updated: 2/9/2021
Oedipus themes

Storyboard Description

In the first box the theme is anger/retaliation, the scene is when Oedipus strikes down Laius. The second box is when portraying assumption, the scene is when Oedipus assumes Creon is trying to turn Teirasias against him. And the final scene portrays suffering when Oedipus suffers from what he just learned and decides to kick himself out of the town.

Storyboard Text

  • Anger/Retaliation
  • Well, I retaliated in good measure— I hit him a quick blow with the staff I held and knocked him from his carriage to the road. He lay there on his back.
  • Accusation
  • "Has your face grown so bold you now come to my own home—you who are obviously the murderer of the man"
  • Suffering
  • "Send me away to live outside of thebes."