Causes of the Russian revolution
Updated: 1/29/2021
Causes of the Russian revolution

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  • The peasants were forced to work very long hours under extremely harsh conditions. They worked for 16 hours or more and were barley provided any food.
  • Women textile workers led a strike and gained nearly 200,000 supporters. The purpose of this revolution was to remove czar Nicholas II from the the throne. Every though they were successful, they failed at setting up a strong government to replace him
  • Once Nicholas II stepped down, Lenin took his place. His goal was to turn Russia into a communist state. He quickly gained the support of the peasants by promising them peace, land and bread.
  • The civil war in Russia was made up of two groups, the reds and the whites. The red were made up of the communists and the white was made up of foreign powers like France, Britain and the USA. The reds won the civil war defeating the white army.
  • There were two assassination attempts on Lenin’s life, even though he survived he never fully recovered. The communist government responded to this with the red terror. This was a campaign of mass killings and torture on all those who opposed the Bolshevik.
  • Lenin died from a stroke caused by a bullet in his neck. Earlier on Lenin stated that “ultimate authority concentrated in his hands” (in the hands of Stalin) if he were to die. Three days after Lenin’s death the city of Petrograd what’s named Leningrad.