Unknown Story

Updated: 10/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • hello my name is pumpkin. i was more in the americas/ new world . later into my life the spaniards came and took me into the old world
  • i have 3 sisters squash, corn, and beans. the native americans used me for many different things like flour and even medicine
  • one day i saw a ship coming when they arrived they said that they were pilgrims from europe.
  • they decided to have a meal called thanksgiving were every one got to try me. the pilgrims loved the flavor of me and decided to bring some of me back to europe
  • byeee
  • byeeeee
  • when i came to the old world they used me to feed the pigs but later on they used me for food to eat and as decorations. food wise they would use me in pies, bread, seeds, etc. they would put me out on holidays like thanksgiving and and halloween for jack o'lanterns etc.