First commercial production

Updated: 9/27/2021
First commercial production

Storyboard Text

  • ELS establishing shot of classroom
  • MS of first person walking up to hand sanitizer
  • ECU of hand sanitizer bottle with first person putting some on there hand
  • MS of first person rubbing hands with sanitizer and second person walking into frame then first person asking "why doesn't this hand sanitizer only kill 99.9% of germs, What about the 0.1%? " Second person then says "well I have just the thing your looking for" second person begins to reach in pocket
  • MS of second person reaching into their pocket to get bottle of sanitizer product starting to hand it to other person while saying "here, use this"
  • Second person hands first person sanitizer product while second person says "Its a hand sanitizer that kills 100% of germs called Germs-Be-Gone"