Drug Use will ruin your life
Updated: 12/19/2019
Drug Use will ruin your life
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  • Exposition
  • Welcome to my castle! My name is Dane. This is my beautiful family.
  • Inciting Incident
  • Ok!
  • Hey man try out this drug syringe! It helps relieve stress.
  • Rising Action
  • Woah this really works!
  • Dane is showing how good his life is, Wealthy, no regrets. And a healthy, loving, caring family and he loves them dearly, and they had a family of 5 the youngest is just 4 months old.
  • Rising Action
  • His best friend offers Dane a drug needle to use to relieve stress. So Dane accepts the needle and later uses it to relieve his stress from work, but was it a good idea?
  • Climax
  • Dane uses the needle and is addicted to injecting, it makes him feel happy inside. But it wears off awhile later, after awhile he wanted to do more of the injecting and then he was really addicted to injecting.
  • Falling Action & Resolution
  • After a few years, Dane has become poor because he was spending too much money on injecting so now he lives in a shed with his parents and the little ones. Also he has to keep wearing the same clothes everyday other day.
  • Welcome to my shed! My name is Dane
  • Dane now regrets taking the drug needle and injecting and wants his life to turn around when he didn't do drugs. He regrets being friends with his best friend Max, he wish he never accepted the offer.
  • I regret doing drugs! Please give me my life back!
  • Dane wakes up from a horrible dream and feels relieved because he never did drugs and he is now happy with what he has. When he woke up he felt numb and wanted it to never happen again,.
  • Woah! It was a dream, thank goodness I never do drugs, it will ruin my life.
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