Monster Invasion
Updated: 4/20/2020
Monster Invasion
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  • Monster Invasion
  • Phill was in his bunker when the invasion happened, but after the screaming and the buildings falling down he stood there and though "Is..Is it safe out there?" He didn't want to check so he went to bed hoping they will be gone.
  • After Phill got out of bed he notice he didn't have any food, so he had to hope that the monsters were gone so he can get food. As soon as he step out he so a monster running at him.
  • Later Phill came out and saw the monster asleep, so he started running. He thought he was safe until he looked behind him and the monster was chasing after him. Phill saw the store and leaped to the door and looked it behind him.
  • Phill was now trapped in a store, but at least he had loads of food to get. After getting some stuff Phill found a storage room filled with food. He got a box and this could last him for a year. Phill waited for the monster to go away far enough so he could get home.
  • After a while he saw the didn't see the monster at all so he quickly pushed the boxes back. He was almost there and he saw in the distant the monster running towards him so he started pushing the boxes as much as he can and he barely made it back to the bunker. He threw all of the stuff inside and then jumped in and locked the door. Phill was finally safe from these monsters and hopefully they will go away soon.
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