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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The moon's formation
  • Did not look like the moon we have today.
  • The Heavy Bombardment
  • Supercontinents
  • This is where the supercontinent Pangaea was 250 million years ago.
  • The moon formed 4.5 billion years because a Mars-sized planet slammed into Earth a the debris forwas pulled together to form the moon.
  • The formation of Soil
  • The Heavy Bombardment was a violent time in Earth's history because asteroids bombarded the Earth and made it very hostile. They did bring life to the planet though because when the moon was formed, all life was wiped out.
  • Dinosaurs, The Dominant Species
  • Roarrr!!!!!
  • Supercontinents were huge landmasses that connected all of the the continents to form one huge supercontinent. The cause of this was plate tectonics because the plates pushed together The most recent was Pangaea which broke up 200 million years ago.
  • Homininds
  • We are nomads
  • 440 million years ago, plants and fungus break down rocks with their roots, and that allows clay and soil to form.
  • The rocks are breaking up.
  • The roots are breaking up the roots.
  • Dinosaurs lived from about 245 million to 66 milllion years ago and were reptiles and there were many diffferent types of dinosaurs. They went extinct most likely because a huge asteroid slammed into the Earth and wiped all the dinosaurs out.
  • The fisrt hominids came into being about 3.2 or possibly even ealier and they were nomads and followed thefood wherever it went.
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