Evolution Storyboard
Updated: 2/17/2021
Evolution Storyboard

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  • #1 Overproduction of Offspring
  • #2 Variation of Offspring
  • Food is too big
  • A dinosaur mates with another dinosaur. one has the recessive trait gigantism.
  • #3 Natural Selection
  • the offspring vary with different traits
  • #4 Adaptation of Species
  • the dinosaurs that they usually eat are too big for them to bring down
  • Big Dinos Thrive
  • the big dinosaurs survive because they can eat the dinos, and the little dinos die out
  • now there are more big dinos, but there are still little ones, so they didn't die out completely
  • the big dinos thrive because the small ones couldn't hunt their food source, so the big dinos now thrive.