Harrison Alternate ending
Updated: 5/2/2020
Harrison Alternate ending

Storyboard Text

  • Something Wrong with the Tv?
  • As Harrison kept tearing up the studio. The Handicapper General tried to kill Harrison but then Harrison took down the general as well. Hazel Screaming at George to come into the room.
  • George rushed into the room. When he arrived to the room. Harrison had won and pointed at the camera saying" The whole world must know what its like to be free from these handicaps"Then ran off.
  • As Harrison reached his town and started screaming while he was running and saying" break out from your captivity as people starting waking up to look outside and see him still screaming.
  • As the sun started to rise up and a lot of people starting joining Harrison and his protest with the handicaps.
  • After an hour or so the whole city was on it then eventually taking over the government. Eventually everyone was free from the governments ear pieces and handicaps.
  • In the end Harrison took over as government and he still has yet to find his parents. Harrison saying that " who's the one in control now? Me.
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