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Updated: 9/17/2020
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  • Princes of Troy, In our last night together, me and my queen Helen salute you. Tonight let us drink to peace
  • :( I should leave already...
  • The story started with a feast as the two Trojan princes made peace with the King of Sparta , Menelaus
  • Peace between Troy and Sparta!
  • Queen Helen looks sad, should I talk to her?
  • That night, Paris the young prince of Troy followed Helen and asked her to come with him to Troy. The two were in love with each other and Helen comes with him. Hector tried to bring Helen back to Sparta but Paris persuaded him
  • I love Helen brother that's why Im taking her to Troy, if you brought her back to Sparta then I go with her and die fighting for love
  • You don't know anything about love, what about your father's love and about the love of your country, you will let Troy burn for this woman! Just remember that it is you who make me and Troy fight for your war
  • ...
  • Im not asking you to fight for Agamemnon but to fight for the Greeks. Don't fight for him, fight for me, the Greeks would feel much better with you by our side
  • The decision of Paris has brought the start of Trojan war with Hector leading their army. Because of the absence of Achilles, the greatest warrior of the Greeks due to being angered by Agamemnon , the Greek warriors fight towards the Trojans seemed hopeless. With this Odysseus tried to persuade Achilles to fight alongside with Patroclus
  • The Trojans never harmed me it was just a mistake of one Trojan man for insulting one Greek who cant handle his wife
  • The Trojans decided to attack the Greeks, by this time the Greek soldiers regained their strength thinking that it was Achilles who had lead them. They only learned that it was Patroclus who disguised himself as Achilles to fight for its place when Hector won the fight and kllled Patroclus
  • Achilles! Achilles!Greeks! Greeks!
  • Hector! Hector! Hector!Trojans! Trojans! Trojans
  • After Achilles learned about Patroclus' death , he went before the Trojans gate and demanded Hector to fight him in a battle. Hector agreed and fought bravely with Achilles, the greatest warrior of the Greeks. Hector died in honor in their battle but with the rage of Achilles was tied down on its chariot and was dragged around the city in anger for his cousin's death.
  • My poor son...
  • Everyone will know, even the dead that this is Hector the fool who thought that he killed Achilles but ended up dying in his hands for killing his cousin
  • My love...
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