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Self : Force and Motion
Updated: 9/19/2018
Self : Force and Motion
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  • Examples catching. throwing. shoving. rolling.
  • Definition An object at rest stays at rest an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force.
  • Newton's First Law of Motion.
  • key words inertia. force. balance.
  • Football being thrown
  • Unbalanced force
  • Definition Force = mass x acceleration
  • Newtons Second Law of Motion.
  • Examples kicking. watching. throwing
  • Key words Force. balance.
  • Accelerated Force
  • Ball kicked 
  • Examples Tripping. dogging. diving.
  • Definition  For every action there is an equal opposite reaction.
  • Accelerated Force
  • Keywords Opposite. action. reaction.
  • Tripping
  • Action
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