Election of 1800
Updated: 10/21/2020
Election of 1800

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  • There were three main men running for president, but only two political parties involved.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Good luck gentlemen
  • Aaron Burr and John Adams: Thank you, you too
  • Thomas Jefferson -73
  • Jefferson and Burr tied, but Adams lost so now Jefferson and Burr have to wait until there is a winner
  • Aaron Burr - 73
  • John Adams - 65
  • There were two parties in the Election of 1800, the Federalists that was founded by Alexander Hamilton, but led by John Adams and The Democratic - Republucans founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
  • Jefferson and Burr had to go to the Electoral College, so that the House of Representatives could vote who the next President and vice President will be.
  • John Marshall was the Chief Justice who picked what cases to hear and how to vote on the cases he has heard.
  • John Marshall
  • Not only is Jefferson President, John Burr was elected Vice President!
  • After the House of Representatives did not determine a winner after 35 votes, the 36th vote was where Jefferson won! This was Jefferson's inauguration and where he had an important incumbent as being president.
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