The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
Updated: 3/16/2020
The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Maple Street 300
  • I'm going to go check if the powers still on!
  • You better not!
  • What was that? A meteor? Charlie let's go check what it was!
  • Conflict
  • Honey, please don't talk like that...
  • Steve! The stove's not working!
  • They don't want you to!
  • Hm...
  • Rising Action
  • I tried to start it and it wouldn't..
  • His car turned on!
  • Let's not be a mob!
  • Real oddball.
  • At 6:46 at Maple Street the sound of a roar and the flash of light hit. Pete Van Horn decided to go check if the power was still on in the other neighborhood. Steve decides to go to downtown to see what it was. However, Steve's car doesn't turn on.
  • Rising action
  • Tommy says that who ever was in that thing that came overhead didn't want them to leave. Some people don't believe Tommy and think it's all because of comics. Tommy explains that in what he read there was aliens who were disguised as humans and Steve thinks they should check who is an actual alien
  • Climax
  • You killed him Charlie!
  • But I didn't know who he was!
  • Charlie the lights are on in your house..
  • Les Goodman's car stars by itself and they start talk bad about him. The group starts heading to Les' house and Steve stops them, but they still continue. Don shows that nothing else is working except for his car.
  • Resolution
  • Everyone starts scapegoating and blaming each other. Goodman says he doesn't want trouble and shows he can't sleep at night and isn't communicating with aliens at night. Suddenly, people see a dark figure in the distance and get worried. Don grabs his shotgun.
  • Monster!
  • Charlie grabs the shotgun and shoots.The dark figure stumbles onto his knees and falls on his face as Charlie shoots. They find out it's Pete Van Horn. Charlie starts saying excuses, but then a woman notices Charlie's lights are on.
  • They all continue to accuse, yell, and fight with each other. Figure one says that all you have to do is to throw them into darkness for a few hours and watch them destroy themselves over and over again. The tools of conquest include thoughts, attitude, and prejudice.