Gemera Project 3
Updated: 12/16/2019
Gemera Project 3
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  • I would like to convert to Judaism. There is a few things I don't agree with, but I accept everything else.
  • Source #1: Masechet brachot
  • I am very sorry, but according to Maschet Brachot, gentiles may not convert to Judaism.
  • Source #2: Responsa Achi'ezer
  • I love the religion and want to convert, but I am very sure that I might fall back on my promises or even fall out completely, is this okay?
  • Yes, you are still able to convert without any issues according to Rabbi Chaim Ozer.
  • I accept all parts of Judaism, but I think I might give into my old habits, is this alright?
  • Source #3: Ibid
  • I am sorry, but I don't believe you are completely serious about your conversion, and I am unable to allow you to convert.
  • I like being Jewish but I also love serving my Idols, am I still Jewish, or do I lose my conversion?
  • Source #8: Rav Moshe Feinstein
  • You are still Jewish and are accountable for your actions.
  • But if you force me to convert through scaring me, it is not kosher!
  • You must convert so we can marry, or else I might have to harm you!
  • Source #9: Masechtot Ketanot, Geirim 1:3
  • But I only break the mitzvot every now and then...
  • We, the Beit Din, believe won't keep the mitzvot, and are unable to accept you as a convert.
  • Source #12 - Responsa Beit Yitzchak
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