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Updated: 11/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Did you hear the king and the queen are going to be taking about polar and electronegativity
  • Oh like polar covalent, non polar covalent, and ionic bonding
  • Polarity is caused by the differences in electronegativity.
  • But also when atoms electronegativity is equal they form nonpolar bonds.
  • Electronegativity is when an atom attracts bonding electrons toward itself. When 2 atoms have different electronegativity values in boding it can create partial negative charge and the other atom has partial positive.
  • Dipoles are the polar bonds between atoms. But some molecules dont have dipoles such as ones with identical atoms since it has equal electronegativity tit doesnt have any dipoles.
  • Also nonpolar bonds are usually hose between identical atoms
  • Yes both of you are correct very well done, but you cant forget about ionic bonding
  • Thank you everyone for coming and contributing to our conversation about polarity and electonegativity.
  • But then theres also polar covalent bonds that happen when two atoms share bonded pairs of electrons. Buty the electrons are more attracted to one more atom than the other
  • Yes but then there is also dipoles
  • Well ionic bonding is the difference in eleconegativity where the more electonegative atom takes that bondng in electons and becomes a negative ion and the other atom is a positive ion.
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