Robin Hood's
Updated: 2/10/2021
Robin Hood's

Storyboard Text

  • Arghhhh! I can't wait for Robin to come and steal some gold from me to give to the poor man! IT'S MINE! I have to find a way to catch him and be done with him!
  • I have a idea!I'm going to ask my staff to dress like a poor villager and walk around the castle. Then when Robin Hood's comes out of his hiding place the poor will ask for money. Robin hood's will give them this one and it's HERE! that he will get caught for the first time!
  • Robin hood’s!!!!!
  • We would like some food please
  • Robin hood’s!!!!!
  • Thank you robin! OH THANKS! YOU ARE SO SWEET!
  • Hum… you are welcome...
  • Thank you!!!!
  • The bag...
  • THE WHAT!!!!
  • NEVER!!!
  • No! It's not me, you got the bad one I'm Johnny Depp! It's not me, get me out of this bag! Please…
  • HAHAHA we catch you Robin hood’s