George Washington
Updated: 2/7/2020
George Washington
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  • YAY!
  • After serving as Sec. of State for James Madison in 1816, James Monroe, was elected president in a huge marginal victory over Rufus King
  • This is fantastic, the best time ever!
  • During the beginning of Monroe's presidency. people were very happy. This was called the era of good feelings. The era of good feelings lasted from 1815-1825
  • After spain & Portugal defeat Napoleon they wanted to reclaim their former land in Latin America. Both James Monroe and John Quincy Adams thought this could be a threat to America's peace and safety. They were also concerned about Russia, who were establishing trade post in what is now California. The feeling of danger from having these countries at our border was the reason and the cause of why we had to take action
  • This could be a big problem
  • I was thinking the same thing
  • I think I have an idea.
  • James Monroe and John Quincy Adams had an idea. Their idea was to warn European countries not to interfere in the western hemisphere. In 1823 the Monroe Doctrine was written bu John Quincy Adams
  • James Monroe gave a speech of the idea to congress. He told them about all the reasons why these countries could be a threat and why they need to take this precaution.
  • The idea was stated that the U.S. would protect new countries in central and south America, the U.S. will stay out of European affairs, and they will not let European colonize in the Americas. Congress approved this plan and it went into action. But it wasn't until later in 1852 that this was called the "Monroe Doctrine"
  • This idea will go down as the most well known act of James Monroe's presidency
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