Babe Ruth
Updated: 1/19/2021
Babe Ruth

Storyboard Text

  • Hey man, lets go break some windows while everyone is at school.
  • Man you know how my mom is about these kinda things tho.
  • But I want to go crack some baseballs right now!
  • Please pay attention and listen Babe
  • Dang son! You are good, would you like to come play with us.
  • I would love too sir!!
  • Whenever Babe was around 7 his parents weren't home much so he often skipped school which allowed for him to cause more trouble in his neighborhood.
  • Whenever his parents found out about him missing school and causing trouble they sent him to St. Mary´s Industrial school for boys. Which eventually created a bond with Brother Matthias.
  • Brother Matthias became a father figure in Babe's life. He eventually started to work tirelessly with Babe at baseball until the brothers invited the owner of the Orioles to come watch. He offered Babe a contract which he accepted.
  • Babe eventually got tired of his contract with the Orioles so he worked in the gym tirelessly until he got a contract from the New York Yankees. Which he accepted.
  • Once he arrived in New York he immediately knew that he had plenty of work to be done. He was already one of the best hitters at the time but he wanted to be THE BEST.
  • After a few months, Babe started to play and he absolutely stunned the crowed. After is first few games he and everyone around him knew that he would be special.
  • Thankyou guys!!