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My pollution storyboard P.2
Updated: 11/13/2019
My pollution storyboard P.2
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Storyboard Text

  • One day my friend and I went to go camping by ourselves a couple miles from home. We could tell it was a nice day outside because the sun was shining and the weather was nice.
  • We decided to keep walking to find a really good place to camp where it would be perfect. Then we came across a river and we decided it was perfect, because we could fish for our food and if it got really hot we could maybe get into the river
  • So we set up our tents and suddenly we discovered that we were really bored and we didn't know what to do next. So we decided to go into the forest right by the lake to see if we could find anything.
  • As we were walking into the woods we didn't really find anything. But then we found this big,black puddle, and we didn't know what it was. So we touched it and we figured out it was oil and some trash.But at the time we didn't care so we went back to camp to get some rest.
  • We got up the next morning and almost the whole lake was covered in trash. And we were shocked, we didn't know what to do but whoever did this wouldn't get away with this.
  • So that day we picked up all the trash out of the river and now we have 3 full bags of trash that we are throwing away into the recycling. So now the fish are saved and they don't have to live in dirty, trash water. And we saved mother nature by not littering and picking the trash up.
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