Updated: 10/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Yo, I forgot to study for the quiz today. Can we... you know?
  • Come on! We won't get caught. And it's not like I haven't helped you out before.
  • And risk getting myself caught? Sorry, man, you did this to yourself.
  • But I didn't cheat before. I'm sorry, this is wrong dude.
  • What do I do... I need to pass this.... What's that? I can see Maya's answers...
  • No way... Why did he ask for help then?
  • How'd your test go?
  • This is so much easier! I'll just start copying Maya's answers.
  • I actually think I'll ace it!
  • Sweet! I knew I'll ace it. Maya's one of the best in our grade.
  • You can count on me, ma'am!
  • Hi, sweetheart! I've noticed you've got one of our highest scores. I'm pleasantly surprised because of your previous performance. I'll be looking forward to the next quizzes
  • Wow, it feels good to be praised.
  • Yeah, she always does this.
  • Hey! Ma'am announced the high scorers and you were there! Nice to finally see you there haha. Me and the others are going to lunch, care of Ma'am as a prize. Wanna come?
  • Hi Maya! Of course I'll come! I guess ma'am is that nice to give high scorers a reward, huh?
  • Always? Well then, I'm forever grateful to you, Maya. Thanks for the free lunch.