Causes of the civil war
Updated: 4/8/2021
Causes of the civil war

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  • Compromise of 1850 and The Fugitive Slave Act
  • We want to be a free state.
  • Uncle Toms Cabin
  • Oh my gosh this book is horrible we must stop slavery
  • I know that why more people need to know about it so we can stop slavery
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act and Bleeding Kansas
  • Southern POV- California wanted to enter the United states a a free state, but acording to the 36-30 line it would have to be 2 states but it didn't want to be. So we got the fugitive slave act and and the north got California to be a free state.
  • What was Harper' Ferry
  • I hope the slaves how u s they can help me take over their owners
  • Northern POV- Harriet Beecher Stowe was the author of a book called Ucle Tom's Cabin. This was a book thaat showed how harsh the slaves were treated by their owners. This book showed people all over the US that slavery should be stopped.
  • Dred Scott Decision
  • Oh no how are we going to stop slavery and e free if i am owned by someone
  • You have lost your case
  • Southern POV- There was a lot of fighting between the North and south about what states were going to be free and slave states. So they decided to go with the 36 30 which solved the conflict between
  • Election of !860
  • Southern POV- A man named John Brown decided to take over an arsenal owned the the United States. He wanted to take over our slave holders but he wasn't sucessful because there was no one that showed up to help him so he was captured by the military.
  • Northern POV- The Dred Scott case was about a slave named Dred Scott who fought bravely for his freedom but by the cruelty in the judges heart he was told that he could not be free or an American Citizen. I was aid that since he was not a citizen he couldn't legally become one because he was still owned by his slave holder.
  • Northern POV- When Abraham Lincoln was elected he made an announcement that he was going to try to abolish slavery. The south wasn't happy with this decision so they decided to threaten to secede of course acting very immature. The north is convinced that they won't secede they are just threatening to get what they want.
  • I promise that i will try my best too abolish slavery all over the US