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Updated: 12/13/2019
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  • Battle Of Gonzales
  • come and take it!
  • Give us back the cannon
  • Convention Of 1836
  • Lets organize a constitution `
  • The Alamo
  • I will spare you.
  • General Ugartechea ordered Casteneda and 100 soldiers to retrieve the cannon. When they got to the Guadalupe river they were met by 14 Texians. On the night of October 1 the Texans planted a homemade flag that said COME AND TAKE IT. On October 2 they attacked the Mexicans, they were outnumbered and didn't have weapons.
  • Massacre At Goliad
  • good job Urrea
  • While Santa Anna was at the Alamo The people wrote their own declaration of independance and organized a constitution.
  • Runaway Scrape
  • Hurry burn down the town so the Mexicans can't get supplies.
  • Santa Anna told his men to attack at dawn. They attacked at all four sides of the Alamo. After a 90 minute battle all of the defenders died. All of the bodies were burned. Women and children were spared and a slave named Bob
  • Battle Of San Jacinto
  • Lets Attack
  • Urrea and Santa Anna went to San Antonio to defeat the Texas. they were caught by suprise and over 500 Texans died.
  • Texans were afraid that Santa Anna would make them prisoners when he arrived in Texas this caused a mass panic among Texans. They all fled their homes and tried to run to the Sabine river so they could cross over to the United States. They headed east and burned down towns so the Mexicans couldn't get suplies
  • The mexicans came marching across the praire when they heard two shots from the cannons from the Texans. So they set up camp. Both armies were ready to fight in the morning but the Texans sent Deaf Smith to go and destroy the bridge so the Mexicans couldn't leave. The Texans Attacked at 4:30 so the Mexicans were tired and taking naps. The Texans won
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