Violeta isaza manjarrés 3A
Updated: 2/12/2021
Violeta isaza manjarrés  3A

Storyboard Text

  • this is my dog, mona
  • i'm 8 years old
  • Hello my name is violeta.
  • woof woof
  • i walk to the school with my friend at 7:00
  • Hello violet, are you walking to the school ?
  • Yes !!, come on, let's walk togheter. we are very happy today.
  • 2
  • I'm at school, it's 8:00am. Today my first class is math.
  • 4-2 = ?
  • Lu, run it is raining. let's use our umbrellas
  • yeah, run!!
  • I finish my classes at 2:00pm. I'm going to my house because is raining!!!
  • mine
  • I'm tired
  • fiuf, the rain has stopped, so, i am going to play volleyball at 4:00 pm
  • What is your favorite sport?
  • yes, i'm violet. this is my favorite sport: volley. Max is for you
  • zzzz
  • I go to bed and sleep at 8:30 pmwhat time is your bed time? ok, good night