Unknown Story

Updated: 9/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • This story is about All Summer In a Day
  • The fight with margot and the children
  • When Margot was in the closet
  • The story is about these children live on venus and it always rains and they have not seen the sun in seven years. but there were sciences and they were saying that the sun will come out.
  • The reson why the children were fighting with margot is that she remembers the sun and the other children don't but margot went to venus when she was four the other children went there when they were two. When the sun was going to come out they but her in the closet.
  • When Margot was in the closet the sun came out and the other children ran outside to see the sun but Margot was in there for two hours but then she got out and she went to the window to see the sun