John and Abby
Updated: 12/20/2019
John and Abby
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  • Hey Abby, I really liked talking with you tonight.
  • Do you,,, maybe, want to go...
  • Wanna take a hit John?
  • But if I take it, then she will think I'm cool.
  • John is at a party and he meets a very pretty girl named Abby. They talk for awhile and John decides to ask her out on a date.
  • What if my parents find out, and my future... I could get addicted.
  • She wants me to vape...
  • But I won't get addicted, and if won't affect my future.
  • Also I would be staying true to myself.
  • Right before he asks Abby out, she takes out a vape and takes a hit. John is stunned and confused.
  • If I don't take it, she will think I'm lame, and she won't go out with me.
  • Come ON John, don't be a baby.. it tastes really good.
  • Abby then offers the vape to John.
  • No, I won't take it. I won't risk it, and if you're pressuring me, you probably aren't the person I thought you were anyway.
  • Fine... bye
  • John is caught off-guard and many thoughts fly through his mind. He goes through the possible circumstances if he took a hit on her vape.
  • Abby gets impatient and continues to persuade him to take the vape. Uncomfortable, John quickly thinks about what could happen if he doesn't take the vape.
  • John decides that he will not take her vape, and even though he knows that Abby will definitely not go out with him now, John realizes that Abby probably isn't the right person for him anyway. John has made up his mind, and he knows that he made the right choice.
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