Arms Race continued and Berlin AIrlift
Updated: 2/7/2021
Arms Race continued and Berlin AIrlift

Storyboard Text

  • West Berlin
  • *Blockade*
  • The Soviets and the US continue building and improving the bombs and missiles. They ended up having “stacks and piles” of nuclear weapons sitting around.
  • Welcome to West Berlin
  • *Blockade*
  • In the end, the Soviets realized that their blockade wasn’t working so they took it down.
  • The Soviets were cutting off supplies and electricity from West Berlin causing many problems for the people inside.
  • The US and UN start flying planes full of food, supplies, and coal over west berlin and dropping the supplies to the people.
  • *Supplies*
  • There was a pilot who noticed some kids watching him so he decided to start dropping candy and gum for the children.