Sex ed storyboard
Updated: 9/9/2020
Sex ed storyboard

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  • Comprehensive- Covers contraceptives, STD and prevention, interpersonal relationships, and more in depth of options we have regarding sex and condoms with contraceptives and much more.
  • In my health class, they told us we would go over sex ed., and now that we finished, I have so much questions.
  • But when I talked to my old friend, she told me they spent two weeks and learned more, why?
  • Turns out, we learned from Abstinence-Only education, and they learned Comprehensive Learning
  • Abstinence only- Stresses Abstinence until marriage and often excludes birth control, safe sex, abortions and much more.
  • Turns out, local and state levels decide guidelines and what is taught, and get to decide what is excluded, and whether its medically accurate.
  • even LGBTQ+ education is often excluded and educators are made to villainize the community in some places because of laws. It's harmful and the information is already hard to obtain as it is.
  • Places like California drag their feet when including this education and still get to choose what to exclude.