Comic Strip: Dimensional Analysis
Updated: 1/7/2020
Comic Strip: Dimensional Analysis
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  • Hello. What's wrong. Why are you crying?
  • I can't figure out this math problem. I have to use dimensional analysis to solve it.
  • Now we're out here, I can help you. What's the problem?
  • I need to turn 12 ft/s in mph. I don't remember how. Can you help me?
  • The first thing you do is list the data you know. First, do 12ft/ 1sec. Next, you need to cancel out the sec. To do this, multiply  12 ft/ 1 sec x 3600 sec/ hour. Now you have hours on the bottom like you need them, and you canceled out the sec. Now, you should cancel out the ft. To do this, list how many feet are in a mile and put 1 mile on top, then put that amount of ft in 1 mile below 1 mile.
  • Now you have miles on top and hours on the bottom. So now you have to multiply the numerators and denominators. Once you do that, simplify your answer and voila. You have your answer.
  • Your welcome. Now, I really must get going. Goodbye.
  • Thank You!
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