Homestead act story
Updated: 2/26/2021
Homestead act story

Storyboard Text

  • I'm going to the west to find a job in a farm.
  • I'm a little confused about this
  • Well I finnaly had found the farm
  • hello luis
  • To begin, Jeff is going to the west to find a job as a farmer.He lives in the east in 1803 at the beginning of the Homestead Act.
  • You will be taking care to protect and water the plants.
  • I'm the one that takes care of the animals.
  • I'll help you
  • Then, Jeff got lost in his way to the west while finding the farm.
  • patter-
  • what do I do it's raining!
  • Afterward, Jeff finally had found the farm where he was going to get his job at. Lucky he got accepted, his job is to take care of the plants and water them.
  • Your welcome
  • Thank you Luis for teaching me to do a little house for the plants
  • Soon, Jeff met Luis at the farm, when Luis left Jeff started to notice that black clouds where coming by the farm.
  • Later, Jeff knew it was going to rain and he didn't know anything about farming so Luis told him he will help Jeff because he had experience with crops
  • At last, Luis helped Jeff how to make little houses for the crops to protect them from bad weather. (Jeff learned that persevering makes things work) Luis thought Jeff to do little houses for the plants but he didn't know well so he kept trying and trying until he finally made it.