Historic Rewrite Project Part 2
Updated: 1/27/2021
Historic Rewrite Project Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Wielding weapons of their own design, the Natives pushed through the country, taking each city on their way to London.
  • The English had no choice but to surrender to the oncoming native army. They were significantly outgunned and outnumbered. With Metacom leading them, the Natives were unstoppable.
  • Although unintentional, the natives ended up spreading diseases that spawned from their own cattle, such as the North American Boar. This shook the English economy, wiping out cities in not just England but parts of Ireland and eventually spreading to the rest of Europe.
  • The British, enraged that they were losing power to the Natives, decided to put up a last-ditch attempt to switch the power balance. Due to their small numbers and little resources, they were easily stopped.
  • The remaining Englishmen became servants to the Natives, who were now coming to Europe in ships by the thousands. The natives quickly became the rulers of England.
  • Back in North America, Massasoit was realizing what has become of his people. The natives have changed, along with their culture. They have become greedy for power, just as the Britsh once were. They have lost connection to their land, claiming more and more without appreciating what it is. Even in a different universe, the Native culture has changed because of the Britsh, whether they had the power or not.