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Updated: 9/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • WOW First day at University of Maryland! Feels unreal 
  • Hey Tom! What class do you have now
  • Microbiology.. You would love it 
  • Graduating Class of 2000
  • I really admire you Mr. Rean. Your Micro class has inspired me to do great
  • You deserve to be great
  • ....a couple years later at Harvard Medical School
  • I can't believe how fast life goes by. From my first microbiology class to now graduating at Harvard Med
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Dr. Rajan Associate Professor
  • "Its crucial you guys don't cross contaminate any bacteria in your Petri dishes."
  •  here let me guide you.
  • Dr. Rajan this Tiny Earth project is so tedious yet incredibly amusing 
  • At Science Alive!
  • I really admire Dr Rajan! Her engaging lessons and amazing discoveries
  • ....that was me once
  • The End 
  • HEY Grace where you headed to?
  • On my way to Dr.Rajans Micro class. You would love it