Story Board-Seagull

Updated: 10/10/2021
Story Board-Seagull

Storyboard Text

  • Fly!!! And soar above the sky...I command you..
  • No..I cant I can never fly over the world...!!
  • I flew above your beloveds...Who cry and wait for you...they say you will come but how I wish, they knew how a coward you were
  • I have tried but I failed...for I have not been destined to ascend nature.
  • Then Listen..if you wish to....For I must tell you my story...When I first had to take off I feared I would not do it right..I tried just as you did and I gave up...I was left alone by my parents..brothers and sisters.....For a long time
  • Byee.....We are leaving you..You will have to learn to fly and this is the only way
  • And as they was true....Only then did I start to gain courage.....For I had to survive...Isolation is bad...And I am sure you have felt that by now my friend...Now come..It is time you give up this stage of life....Enter anew and lets take flight..Lets change our thoughts..Lets try till we succeed for we have been born with his boon...So we have to utilise...So come on....As the humans say...Lets also prove Nothing is Impossible for us..
  • The two, the crow and dove, and their families become best friends. The two mow lead the huge family of crows and doves.
  • About a month later