Unknown Story
Updated: 11/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Toc Toc
  • Wiliam hasn´t time to go out and play, he has to do his Latin homework.
  • It´s not the same anymore.
  • Wildcats live in Scotland, it's a lie.
  • No we rode to Scotland.
  • I went riding Saturday afternoon with my grandad, bagged a wildcat.
  • My dad is a special agent too. He work with Barton.
  • Barton is a fictional character, maybe he needs to feel special to make up for everybody seeing him as a failure.
  • My cousin is going to be there.
  • Sorry miss but it was already reached, my uncle was first.
  • Someone reached the Everest!!!!!
  • In some days it is going to be the coronation of Queen Elisabeth. 
  • All you said are lies, please write this. I have never been to Jericho, and my claim that my uncle climbed Mount Everest is another wicked lie, of which i am deeply ashamed.