Jacob Shults Aztec Comic Strip
Updated: 2/19/2021
Jacob Shults Aztec Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I am Sjedhgse and I'm from Tlaxcala and they sent me to spy on The Aztecs.
  • Lets Go!
  • Here let me give you a tour.
  • The causeways are raised roads made of earth.
  • Hey lady what are causeways?
  • Well I made it.
  • Hope I don't end up like that
  • Why do they sacrifice people
  • We sacrifice people because we think it pleases the gods and that we can get rain and sunshine from the gods.
  • Do you want to trade anything.
  • I don't have anything on right now.
  • This must be their economic system.
  • He came from a royal family who was a great warrior.
  • Hey lady could I ask you how your king got to be king?
  • Oh no they caught me but I manage to escape.
  • Sjedhgse over here.