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Updated: 2/10/2021
blh project

Storyboard Text

  • Rosa Parks was a black woman who refused to follow the Jim Crow laws and give up her seat because the laws were wrong. She wasn't the first to do this but she was the most recognized and this caused the boycott against the bus laws, which ended the unfair bus rules.
  • Rosa parks is most famous for not giving up her seat which started the boycott. The boycott started when people heard about her being put in jail for not wanting to give her seat to a white man.
  • During the time Rosa parks refused to give up her seat there was a lot of racism ,more than there is now. Rosa parks believed the unfair Jim Crow laws were wrong.
  • Rosa Parks believed people should be equal.
  • Her legacy continues to impact her because with her actions inspired others to take action against the Jim Crow laws.
  • We can respect her legacy by respecting all people no matter there skin color or race.