er and ir
Updated: 1/6/2021
er and ir

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  • as before any word that is not conjugated we will look at this chart and fill in what needs to be
  • yo-o |nosotros-emos tu-es |vosotros-eis el/ella/usted-e ellos/ellas/ustedes-en
  • in this example we have to conjugate comer with nosotros because it says we,it would change to comemos
  • Jessica y yo estan comerJessica and I are eating
  • example
  • now we can take a look at ir verbs
  • as you can see this chart is very alike to er verbs because the only endings that change are nosotros and vosotros
  • yo-o |nosotros-imos tu-es |vosotros-is el/ella/usted-e ellos/ellas/ustedes-en
  • lets conjugate vivir with vosotros if we conjugate it we will get vivis one of the only two conjugation without e
  • vivir
  • vosotros
  • now that you know what all the verbs are these are the translations for the condugations
  • yo-i|nosotros-we tu-you |vosotros-you el/ella/usted-he/she ellos/ellas/usted-they,they(f)
  • i hope that helps adios amigo
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