Updated: 9/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • JulyRemember that in 2 days we traveled, you haven't checked in yet?
  • Sam , I already did my check in, but I found out that you don't have your passport, did you find it yet?
  • when the taxi finally arrived,came in fast because we were late
  • We have to ask for help to someone , this is very important
  • When we arrived we realized that the plane had already taken off
  • After talking about the problem with a stewardess , she helped us and 1 hour later we were on the plane
  • On the plane they treated us very well and let us pick out our food
  • At the hotel I make up and dress me up , ¡ this trip is for our daughter's wedding!
  • I put on my suit ,combed my hair and we are ready to go