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culminating project part 2
Updated: 7/9/2020
culminating project part 2
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  • Doing different types of physical activity exercises more body muscles.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness is your body's ability to receive oxygen and blood to muscles. Breathing get deeper and pulse increases usually while doing a short period exercise at a high intensity. Resistance Training is specialized on improving your muscle fitness. Items you would use for resistance training are dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, etc Flexibility is the ability to move joint in full range of motion. Flexibility can be incorporated in exercises to corrected of muscle imbalances.
  • Caloric Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Being able to balance the amount of calories you consume and the calories you burn.
  • FITT
  • Frequency: How often you are motivated to exercise. Intensity: The intensity of your workouts for each day. Time:The amount of time you put effort into your workouts. Type:The type of workout you are predominantly focusing on. ex: cardio,resistance, flexibility.
  • Ectomorph: soft body type, usually thin.
  • Body Types
  • Endomorph:curvy, large bone Physique.
  • Mesomorph: solid, muscular, large boned.
  • No one food has all the necessary food factors. So you body needs to consume different elements of food to maintain health. These include Protein, Carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, and dairy.
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