Updated: 9/3/2021

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  • Greetings
  • Greetings earthlings my name is Vikas I am going to tell you about Uranus
  • When was it discovered?
  • Is It Inner Or Outer and What Is It's Neighbors?
  • It is a really cool planet that is why I picked it.
  • How Big Is Uranus
  • Uranus was discovered on March 131781.
  • What Does It Live In and What Is It Made of?
  • Jupiter and Saturn are Uranus's neighbors.
  • Fun Facts
  • It is 13 rings and 27 moons.
  • It lives in a gassy area like crazy gas,and it is made out of a soupy layer and has a core of ice and rock.
  • Its atmosphere has methane gas,and Uranus is a gas giant.