Newton's first Law Of Motion animation
Updated: 1/23/2020
Newton's first Law Of Motion animation
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  • Everyone, please line up at the door while I gather up my papers!
  • Ok!
  • Today, Mr. Josh is taking the students on a field trip! they are going to a science museum! Newton's first Law Of Motion is that Every object will remain at rest or in uniform in motion in line unless compelled to change it's state.!
  • Let's go inside!
  • They arrive outside and get in the bus. They are all ready! Newton's Second Law of Motion is The acceleration of an object as produced by a Net Force is directly proporstional to the magnitude of the Net Force in the same direction of the Net Force, and inversely proporsitional to the mass of an object. They arrive in town.
  • They are on the road and suddenly, A CAR COMES RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!!! The bus driver stops the bus. He turns to see if any of the kids are hurt. "Is everyone ok?!" he asks concerned. "Yeah" everybody says. One of the students say, "How come we all leaned forward?" The Teacher then says, "This is called inertia! It's Newton's First Law Of Motion!" 'Cool!" all of them say.
  • ''We are here!" says their teacher, all the kids are jumping with excitement! did you know that Newton got the idea for gravity when an apple on a tree fell and hit him on the head? Cool right?
  • Gravity is a force that attracts two bodies toward each other, the more heavy, stronger the gravitational pull!
  • Later back at school,
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